Doom Sayers

Who the fuck are you and what do you do?
I'm Omar Salazar and I'm a pro skateboarder and have been skating for almost 20 years. I like to create projects that have real meanings that are formed purely out of some strange place hidden somewhere inside my brain and I have yet to have had a lunch break from in a long time. I am also the creator of Doom Sayers.

What is Doom Sayers and how was it created?
Basically the best way for me to explain what a doomsayer is, is that they're the liars, cheats, rats, haters, doubters and the two-faced. They want to see you do good but never better than them. Thanks to them, I took my ideas and created something that allows me to do, basically, whatever the fuck I want. Doom Sayers is kinda the outcome from many years of people telling me NO. Their hate was my fuel. With that - in 2012, Doom Sayers Club was born in a windowless basement in Sacramento, California.