Bianca Chandon

Alex Olson on Bianca Chandôn

'Bianca Chandôn. The full name. Basically I came up with the whole concept of it because I couldn't get the rights to any of the names I wanted originally. So then I was kind of digging around through inspirations I liked and tried to figure it out. I think I had mentioned to Brian (Anderson) before 3D was thought up that it would be really cool to name a company after a boat. And so many boats are women's names. So that sort of started the whole concept of choosing a woman's name. Then from Studio 54 I think I got Bianca from Bianca Jagger. I just always really liked the name Bianca. It sounded kind of elegant and it was a big '70s name. A lot of the culture I was pulling from was from the '70s so it just made sense.'

Founded by Alex Olson in 2014, Bianca Chandôn is based in New York City.