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Awake NY

Launched in 2012, by New York native Angelo Baque, Awake New York captures the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of the city. 

Awake NY is a reflection of the diversity that has defined the city's cultural landscape. Simultaneously classic and contemporary, the brand evokes both the changing aesthetic vibrancy and timelessness of New York.

Starting at the Stüssy store on Wooster St in NYC, Baque then managed the Nom De Guerre store and recently left his post at Supreme as Brand Director to create his own agency 'Baque Creative'.

While the brand was previously only available in Japan. For its reintroduction, Angelo hand picked a select few stores to inaugurate it's worldwide presence.

The first item to come from the range are a set of caps adorned with the Awake NY logo, taking the approach of making something when he has something to say rather than for the sake of selling clothes, Awake is determined to take an honest approach.

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