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Mike Graham was a regular at Yosemite in the 70's, located in the centre of California, USA. The namesake was born from an all-Italian ascent of Half Dome, except none of the climbers were Italian; so they changed their names and Graham became "Gramicci". The name stuck and was used for for Mike's authentic climbing gear and original clothing brand.

The clothing was initially developed specifically for rock climbing, which meant the design team meticulously studied the kinetics of the human body. They pioneered the innovative details such as the patented "gusset crotch", which enabled 180 degrees natural leg movement and built-in nylon "webbing belt", which can be adjusted with one hand, and many other elements non-existent at the time. Today, these features can be found in garments outside of the outdoor industry, within casual wear and other technical sports wear.

An audience naturally developed outside of the hardcore climbers from the high functionality of the clothing, allowing each piece to be worn casually due to their ease and comfort. This spawned a new standard of style based on an individual's lifestyle; combining the mix of unique materials and silhouettes of each garment.