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Head Porter

Head Porter was established in July 1998, as an ongoing collaboration between Porter (Yoshida & Co., Ltd.) and Hiroshi Fujiwara (Fragment Design).

Sharing production techniques and brand philosophy with the famed Yoshida & Co., Ltd; they create a unique and functional collection using original quality materials and craftsmanship.

Every step is considered and executed with great attention to detail; keeping production runs small and all made in Japan.

Head Porter aims to build on, Yoshida & Co., Ltd. founder, Kichizo Yoshida's ideology to create “a bag that fits to the owner as time passes and becomes a regular part of their lives”, with a discerning eye for forward-thinking design. 

This concept can be seen in the "OLIVE DRAB" series; made from high density nylon with matte texture, focusing on function, design and usability. 

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