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Nike Gyakusou

Nike Gyakusou was started in October 2010 as a collaborative project between Nike and UNDERCOVER designer Jun Takahashi.

Gyakusou is the name of a small dedicated running group in Tokyo, that Takahashi is apart of; the name comes from 'gyaku', which means 'wrong way' or 'reverse' and 'sou' means 'run' or 'running'. This is because the group run anti-clockwise around Tokyo, whilst Tokyo runners run clockwise.

Sharing a similar philosophy between the brands of 'less-but-better', Takahashi utilises the latest technologies Nike has to offer combining them with his eye for functionality and design innovation. Each season sees a colour theme picked for the range of garments, with each garment designed around Takahashi's own experiences as a runner. 

Intended to amplify levels of technical precision and intuitive function, Gyakusou aims to provide a unique and modern approach on running by runners.

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