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Thames Clothing is the brainchild of Blondey McCoy: a nineteen year-old skateboarder from south London / north Lebanon. A longtime Southbank local who rides for Palace and Supreme, Blondey established his DIY brand at fifteen, making funny stickers and T-Shirts for his skate rat mates.

A year later, Thames had growth-spurted into a fully-fledged cut-and-sew clothing line, quickly supported by Slam City Skates in London and Supreme in New York City.

While art and clothing have always gone hand-in-hand, Blondey has now decided to separate the two, creating greater flexibility to explore deeper avenues beyond just graphic t-shirts. 

Now Blondey is pushing Thames past the parameters of skate-wear and into upmarket territory; experimenting with embroidery and jewellery, gunning for high-grade quality and variety. Inspired by "Horror movies, bad news, the 1970s New York punk scene, Vivienne Westwood, PWBC and London's insanely rich history." 

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