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The Duct Tape Years

The Duct Tape Years is Scott Nelson's [MANKIND, MIKE] tribute to times of struggle and dedication in skateboarding, and the camaraderie and authenticity they bred. Contests and concerts were held at people’s houses. Kids made t-shirts and stickers with one-color graphics because it was cheaper.

Visiting a new city meant finding skaters and asking to crash. Money was not flowing, so the day you blew a hole in your shoe or ripped a pair of knee pads, you had recourse to one thing: duct tape. During Scott Nelson and Brendon Babenzien's time together in the resurging 90’s New York skate scene the idea for The Duct Tape Years was born.

Featuring an 80’s aesthetic and a colour palate limited to black, white, and red - the graphics evoke the proud spirit of that era, when nearly everyone had helped build a homemade quarter pipe, put together a ‘zine, and covered their knee-slide holes with layers upon layers of duct tape.

Coming soon.

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