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Union was founded in 1989, New York City, located on Spring Street in Soho. 

The name of the store reflected the ideals of bringing together an unlikely set of brands to coexist under the same roof, while making complete sense.

In the 90's they were known to bring foreign brands from overseas to the local consumer, selecting a unique and experimental range of items from each brand, they introduced a fresh perspective of fashion that was unlike any other store at the time. The approach appealed to the counter-culture youth of the city, eventually becoming a trusted source for style and culture.

Now owned by Chris Gibbs, who worked for Union in the 90s in NYC, he took over the LA chapter in the early 2000's and has kept the same principles of the original Union, bringing in a curated selection of up and coming designers with "off-the-beaten-path" high-end brands from all over the globe under the one roof.

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