Founded in 2014, F-LAGSTUF-F is a response to the counterculture youth movements throughout American history, mixed with personal experiences travelling through the Americas.

Having a deep knowledge of vintage clothing, as ex-buyer of cult Japanese vintage store BerBerJin, F-LAGSTUF-F designer Nobuyuki Murayama borrows sartorial elements belonging to a certain era in a specific region within America, blended with his skateboarding and musical influences.

As a young brand, each season has become stronger and stronger with their personal interpretation of the cultural cues of each period, creating unique off-kilter pieces, lying somewhere between vintage and modern, lending itself to distinctive styling. 



How did Flagstuff start as a brand?

It started in 2014. Back then, I was just selling my original tees at this store called LABORATORY/BerBerJinR in Harajuku. Six months later, I expanded the items and started to showcase to the buyers twice a year.




What is your connection with LABORATORY/BerBerJin?

I used to work at their sister store from 2005 to 2013. From 2007, my role was a buyer for 4 stores; BerBerJin, LABORATORY/BerBerJinR, and 2 others.




With your collections, they seem to be inspired by your trips overseas. How did your fascination with America begin?

In the 90's, American vintage was a huge fashion trend, and every fashion magazine had some features on American culture, so it was natural for me to reach those trends. I also started to have interests in skateboarding and band music back then. I was maybe 11 at that time.




Have these experiences to USA changed the way you see fashion?

I started digging more deeply about music, fashion and overall culture in the U.S. Also, because I used to work at vintage clothing stores which mainly carry U.S vintage items, I did lots of research about items from 100 years ago to present. Currently I'm making clothes that is inspired by 1980's to 90's, but I actually have been really fascinated by 40's to 50's military products, workwear, and even rockabilly style fashion. 



Do you have favourite era of American style?

I like 80's skateboarding culture and hard core music scene.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

I still dig and collect originally issued band tees. They also helps me to study printing methods.


One of Flagstuff's influences is music, do you have a favourite album?

BLACK FLAG's  My War   |    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' Blood Sugar Sex Magik    |    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's Rage Against the Machine

What are your top 5 vintage band t-shirt designs you have found?











What are your favourite stores around Tokyo?

There are a lot but to specify in vintage stores, LABORATORY/BerBerJinR in Harajuku and SKROVA in Koenji.



What is next for Flagstuff?

I'm trying to do some more detailed work while taking influences from Japanese culture.  I'd like to create  FLAGSTUFF's original mix and match style in fashion.



Interview: Anthony Kwang

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