Nike ACG

NikeLab's subdivision "Nike ACG" has been reintroduced into their collection to fill the gap in the market it left, when the line was placed on hiatus.

Beginning with the Escape running model, Mark Parker, altered the forefoot of the sole to add more traction and durability. Uparmouring the upper with abrasion resistant nylon and swapping the heel counter from synthetic leather to a rugged and durable suede, this created a versatile and durable shoe that could perform in all conditions. 

The well received modification to the Escape allowed Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield to expand the range and fill a void within the market place for a product that could satisfy adventurous people trying to have fun in the outdoors.

Launching officially as a line in 1989, almost three decades later, the ACG label still has the same reverence for the outdoors and the desire to have fun in all conditions.